Speech and Language Development Stages: Between 1 and 2 Years Old

Speech and Language Milestones

  • Understands “no”
  • Uses 10 to 20 words, including names
  • Combines two words such as “daddy bye-bye”
  • Waves good-bye and plays pat-a-cake
  • Makes the “sounds” of familiar animals
  • Gives a toy when asked
  • Uses words such as “more” to make wants known
  • Points to his or her toes, eyes, and nose
  • Brings object from another room when asked


Activities to encourage child speech and language development

  • Reward and encourage early efforts at saying new words
  • Talk about activities you’re doing
  • Talk simply, clearly, and slowly
  • Talk about new situations before, during and after the activity
  • Pay attention / make eye contact while talking and listening
  • Play age appropriate music and videos
  • Praise efforts to communicate
  • Repeat close word approximations back to the child while offering the entire word (i.e. ba = ball)


Speed Development Warning Signs:

Contact Speech Matters, LLC if your child demonstrates difficulty with:

  • Responding consistently to their name
  • Responding to familiar sounds (phone ringing)
  • Looking at or pointing to objects and pictures when named
  • Showing or giving objects spontaneously
  • Starting a turn takingĀ game (i.e. lifts up their blanket for peek-a-boo)
  • Directing others’ attention to something by pointing or making eye contact
  • Using consonant + vowel combinations that others recognize as words, (i.e. baba for bottle)
  • Having fewer than 10 words



Are you seeing some of the warning signs in your child’s speech and language development?

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